We harvest our Picual olives early, in the beginning of November. This is to get the olive at its ideal stage of ripeness. The olives are then cold pressed using exclusively mechanical processes followed by decantation in the oil mill. The Olivapalacios oil is submitted to rigorous control and analysis in a laboratory afterwards.

All different products require different treatments and packaging processes, but in each case Olivapalacios always takes as a guideline our desire to offer exclusive oils. To do so, the company has incorporated the latest, most cutting-edge technology available into its productions lines so it can be used serving tradition and excellence. In the same way we have dispensed with long transport processes and storage, which often has a negative impact on product quality.

We regularly invest in new technologies to guarantee quality. We were actually one of the first factories within the olive oil production sector to adopt inertisation of storage, sterilisation processes and digital control procedures.

The whole production process is our own and the result is two brands: Palacio de los Olivos and Motilla de los Palacios. Extra-virgin olive oils of superior quality that have managed to open up their own space when conquering the market. utiliza cookies para mejorar la experiencia de los usuarios, facilitando la navegación por nuestra web. Para saber más sobre el uso que hacemos de las cookies, consulta nuestra Política sobre el uso de cookies. Ver política