Palacio de los Olivos

Palacio de los Olivos is made from the olive variety Picual. The fruit ripens on the estate’s volcanic land, which grants it all the nuances available in the soil of the region. It is full of flavour and lies easily in the mouth, the oil presents as intensely full-bodied. There are aromatic herbs present as well as traces of tomato and artichoke. It is a unique product for consumers looking for something truly different.

The careful design also helps grant such differentiation. Palacio de los Olivos have opted for a combination of tradition and quality with labels showing a black background and hints of gold, which shows the purity of the oil. The brand also distinguishes itself by offering stylized bottles for the 500 ml variety as well as for the 250 ml one. utiliza cookies para mejorar la experiencia de los usuarios, facilitando la navegación por nuestra web. Para saber más sobre el uso que hacemos de las cookies, consulta nuestra Política sobre el uso de cookies. Ver política