Extra virgin olive oil of highest quality

We are part of QvExtra! International, an association formed through an initiative taken by olive-oil producers who have a passion for what we do. To be a member of QvExtra! is a brave undertaking and a commitment to the consumer, offering the best oil that we are able to make: an extra virgin that is thoroughly extra virgin. Olivapalacios is a company with many years’ experience. We have always guaranteed the quality of our products. The care, the experience and the professionalism of our employees ensure we can reach the quality level we are known for.

Naturally experience has taught us to appreciate and value the need for innovation. We have invested in the most advanced technology available and the high level of staff qualification gives us that little extra.

Modernity and tradition serve good practice and, of course, the palate.

Our production capacity has made us a reference point for the sector and the fantastic quality of our product is synonymous with excellence for consumers.

A high-class selection of products

Because it is OUR OWN PRODUCTION we control that all oil produced, prepared and bottled here at Finca Los Palacios (Almagro, Ciudad Real) comes exclusively from the Picual olives that grow on the estate. We harvest early, in the beginning of November, to get olives in the perfect state of ripeness, always directly from the tree. We then cold press them using mechanical procedures only and afterwards we decant the oil. The resulting oil is then submitted to rigorous analytical tests undertaken by certified laboratories.

The quality of Olivapalacios products is guaranteed thanks to a strict procedure of harvesting the olive here on our own land and producing the oil in an oil mill located on that same estate. We believe strongly in quality and technological advancement without renouncing tradition, which is our identifying characteristic and our reason for being.

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