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"The quality of Olivapalacios products is guaranteed by strict procedures for the olive harvest and how we process them in the oil mill located on our own estate."

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Olivapalacios is a family company dedicated to the production, manufacture and bottling of extra-virgin olive oil. We make this oil ourselves with quality and innovation as distinguishing features. Technology serves tradition and ensures that our exclusive oil always finds its space on the market, harvest after harvest..

The Los Palacios estate is located in Almagro in the province of Ciudad Real. We have 210 hectares of volcanic land at our disposal here; land that is ideal for the Picual olive variety. Picual is a vigorous olive variety and after careful selection in the oil press it allows us to produce oil that provides consumers with true excellence. It is also a fruit that adapts to what the land demands and offers the very defined nuances typical for single-variety oils.

The very essence of Olivapalacios products makes it possible for the company to be part of QvExtra International, an association for the main olive oil producers. Our company has also become a sector reference point during the last couple of years, thanks to careful management of the raw material, our experience in production processes and the professionalism demonstrated by our employees.

Olivapalacios is always present at the main food and agriculture exhibitions, those who exhibit innovative products as well as others where advanced techniques for bottling or packaging are showcased. On this web page you can discover more than just the products on offer, you will also see the dedication our family pours into the company. We aim for tradition, market adaptation, quality and above all: to create a very distinctive flavour.

Our oils

The olives are cold pressed using exclusively mechanical processes followed by decantation in the oil mill.

The resulting oil is full of flavour and presents with an intense, full-bodied smell where we can distinguish aromatic herbs as well as a presence of tomato and artichoke.

The brand is produced using the Picual olive variety and is presented in containers of three litres, which makes the product easy to use.

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